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Baby Doll Asian Girl


Made in Spain, these anatomically correct dolls are dressed in their underwear and vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby.  The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races. The dolls have sewn on hair and are articulated. They are also soft and flexible to the touch.

Encourages Imaginative & Role Play, Social & Cultural Awareness and Storytelling.

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Part of the Miniland Dolls Collection, this is an anatomically correct doll with realistic differences between boy and girl dolls. Their well defined ethnic features help children identify the most representantive races. Articulated head, arms and legs that can fully rotate, allowing the doll to sit, stand or lie down. It’s soft and flexible to the touch and the hair is sewn on.

Helps to raise kids’ awareness of diversity and inclusion, promoting values of equality, integration, and acceptance, regardless of their race, gender or condition and how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance.

This model comes in an open-faced box with underwear. It does not contain batteries or make any sound, so the doll does what the child wants it to. Made of high-quality soft vinyl with a light vanilla scent.

The doll is washable and its quality and durability will not be affected. This doll is also recyclable.

Made in Spain.

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Dimensions 38 cm